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Title: Corruption

Series: The Imperium Saga: Survivors of the Siege, Book 1

Author: Clifford B. Bowyer

ISBN: 978-1-60975-120-3

Product Code: BK0044

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 266

Release Date: February 2016

Cover Price: $25.95

Our Price: $21.95




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Prophecy. Destiny. Schemes. Manipulation. Powerful forces have been at work to prepare the Imperium and the world around it for the dark times to come. Savior. Guardian. Tyrant. Despot. Roles have been cast, and sides chosen. The victors. The losers. Good. Evil. Only history will determine who was who and pass judgment on the times that can only be considered the end of days by those who experienced them.


Zoldex and his legions have brought the once proud government of the Imperium to ruin, leaving an overwhelming sense of desperation and hopelessness to many of the survivors. His forces have spread out, claiming most of the land and dominating with an iron fist. Survivors of his siege seek salvation in the north, in Falestia, the only unconquered Kingdom of the realm. But even the glimmer of hope is threatened to be extinguished as Zoldex's forces hunt the survivors down.


A new world order is in place. A tyrant sits upon the throne, victorious. Even those who would resist struggle to band together and organize, leaving most to fend for themselves. Even the Chilf of Prophecy, Kyria, the last hope of so many, finds that fulfilling her destiny will be no easy task.


Corruption marks the beginning of a deadly new world, the foundation of Zoldex's reign. Seen through Zoldex's perspective, Bowyer's latest installment of The Imperium Saga will delve on the dark side and blur the lines of everything you know, or think that you know. Be warned, for once one is corrupted and let's darkness into their hearts, they'll forevermore be tainted.



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